Field Sales Software Solutions

Big data, rapid analysis, effective resource deployment – leading to better execution and more sales

We have talented data scientists and software developers working closely with CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) industry experts. We’re so much more than clever generalists – we really understand the issues facing brands in their challenging relationships with retailers, and it shows in our solutions.
We generate insights which are actionable in many parts of the business – by Field Sales teams, Key account Managers and Customer Marketing teams.
We also know that engaging a solution provider is a big deal in any business. That’s why we offer a short ‘Proof of Concept’ phase allowing you to construct the business case for engaging our team of experts.
This ‘easy next step’ is fast, economical and easy to implement. In a matter of weeks you’ll know the Size of Prize associated with improving your retail execution, enabling sensible planning and budgeting.


StayinFront RDI Field View®

Identify biggest opportunities in-store

– A multi-platform application which directs field sales teams to the biggest opportunities in every store they visit.

– It generates daily, store level alerts with root-cause analysis to enable the team to focus on improving on-shelf availability and promotional execution.

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StayinFront RDI Sales View®

Fast identification of retail issues for key account managers

– A daily dashboard of actionable insights to manage business performance in real-time with the flexibility to configure reports to match your KPIs.

– Identify distribution changes and out-of-stocks, track new product introductions, and identify opportunities to improve promotional execution by-store by-SKU.

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StayinFront RDI ROI View®

Assess field sales productivity

– Automatically calculates the ROI of field sales operations at the most granular level.

– The dashboard highlights opportunities to improve the productivity and efficiency of field sales.

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StayinFront RDI Predictive Analytics®

– A uniquely tailorable predictive model, using machine learning to optimize the store segmentation for developing markets with incomplete store sales data.

– Generate store level predictive alerts to focus the field sales team on the highest priority ‘size of prize’ opportunities to develop their business in developing markets.

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SIF-RDI-Supply Chain-OSA-logo

StayinFront RDI Supply Chain OSA

Improve OSA by focusing on the end-to-end supply chain

– Predictive alerts to address potential issues in real time

– Ability to undertake post-mortem analysis and automated root cause identification

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StayinFront RDI Sales Consulting

– Fact-based consulting approach using data to develop innovative sales strategies and plans.

– Store segmentation and support in implementing data driven field sales organizations.


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