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Data and Technology Innovation Improves Promotional Display Compliance

Feature & display compliance is a shared goal among both CPG manufacturers and retailers, yet it is common knowledge that compliance typically falls well below what either party would want to see. This is measured by the % of SKU-Day-Store data points where all SKUs in the promoted group are on display. So where’s the Read more about Data and Technology Innovation Improves Promotional Display Compliance[…]

HFSS Law – Effect on Retail Execution

As news headlines continue to focus on COVID-19 and political turmoil in the UK, it has probably escaped the attention of consumers that HFSS legislation banning “unhealthy food” from being promoted at high traffic flow locations is planned to go live in October this year. This has far reaching implications for brand owners and supermarket Read more about HFSS Law – Effect on Retail Execution[…]

Innovation Empowers Retail Influence

“By 2025, 75% of retailers will fully integrate order and inventory data and optimize against fulfillment, improving conversion by 10%, customer satisfaction by 50%, and reducing cost to serve by 25%*.” Is your organization ready? Do you have a technology roadmap and partnership with a leading technology innovator to ensure you will be where you need Read more about Innovation Empowers Retail Influence[…]

HFSS Law – Time for More Government?

After nearly two years of ineffectiveness in articulating and executing a cohesive plan regarding covid, emerging inflation, ongoing supply chain challenges and rising energy costs as we head into winter… NOW seems to be the opportune time to tackle obesity. While there is no shortage of head scratching laws and mandates, the UK’s HFSS laws Read more about HFSS Law – Time for More Government?[…]


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